How do I find you guys?

15 Smith Farm Road

Gilford, NH 03249



How do I get some of that awesome syrup?

Call the house at (603) 524-7673.

Email us at

Can I place a special order for syrup?

Yes!  We've done small glass or plastic containers for wedding favors, gifts, etc.  Give us a call or email us!

When do you make maple syrup?

Generally we start boiling mid-late February and go through March.  Check our Facebook page for current updates.  If you're driving by and see smoke coming from the sap house, you're welcome to stop in!

When can I pick berries?

The berries are usually ready in July.  Check our Facebook page for current updates.

Do you sell other produce?

We used to, but as time went on and bodies tire more easily, we decided to focus on berries and syrup.